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About the fluff

Discussions, meetings, and conversations where all the words fly over your head, making a whooshing sound, is quite common. It happens to the best of us. Much like street slang, jargon is ever evolving. In fact, corporate offices, design schools, studios, and management institutes are nothing but gang-filled streets on a few mind-numbing Xanax. If you are in any of these places, you will hear a word out of nowhere and be taken aback by the gravitas of that word. You discreetly try to google, but google asks you to watch a bunch of YouTube videos where half of the video is about shaving blades and meal plans.


The world of jargons or fluffs is ever-changing. In fact, the jargon for “Jargon” is now “Fluff”. That’s meta! Some are “cool”, while some are boring. Mostly the ones others know are the cool ones. These fluffs are also very contextual. The meanings change from person to person and situation to situation and the world is completely okay with this. How? You may ask. We don’t know. We have stopped worrying about it and started to love it.


'Why the fluff' is a platform where the fluffs get broken down. You may ask “what’s the point?”. We just want to make sure that everyone is aware of these fluffs that get created every day and that the world doesn’t turn into a big fart cloud soon.

Let's go add some fluff!

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