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New word guideline

Why the fluff is made by community of millions, including you. It is a satire on how a new jargon comes up every single second. This is a genuine effort to see how we can embrace them and even enjoy them. At the core this is a place for fun and humour.


Anybody can post a definition, but in order to keep things fun for everyone, we ask that you follow a few ground rules:


Be as creative as you want. Find humorous ways to poke fun at everyone and everything, including us. Some of the fluff and definitions are just straight up weird and we love it. 

Language is fun. There is enough space to explore it with freedom. So have fun making up weird definitions and jargons.


Don’t post personal information. That includes obvious things like last names and addresses, but we will also remove definitions containing first names or user handles if they can be used to identify and target specific individuals for harassment.


Please don’t be a Jerk. It’s okay to define offensive words. After all we do use offensive words in the real world and knowing what that means in real contexts could be valuable. BUT we will never be okay with people using the platform to harass, discriminate, and/or directly incite violence against others.

If you notice anything on Why The Fluff that you believe falls outside of these guidelines, please do let us know.

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